Just Kickin It…

Welcome to my blog!  Throughout the year, I will use this space as a forum to write about life inside and outside of HGSE.  Hard to believe how much has happened since the semester start.  You can find out more about me and my interests in my bio.  I look forward to providing a glimpse of the many things going on the rest of the year.

Here at HGSE it’s very easy to get involved on-campus.  One of my favorite activities takes me back in time to when I was a kid.  Kickball – that’s right, Kickball.  You remember that game with the rubber ball that we used to try to kick to the moon – or even more fun, peg each other with a one-handed toss – those were good times.  Now in full disclosure, I am a sports fanatic and athlete at heart (more on that later) – so maybe I’m biased…maybe…But never did I imagine I’d find a club at HGSE where I could get some exercise, play a sport  and have fun all at once.

One of the best things about Kickin ‘It (yes, that’s actually the club’s real name) is getting to know more HGSE students in a relaxed setting.  The participants change some from week to week but it’s been cool getting to know students outside my cohort (Human Development and Psychology – HDP) during out weekly games.  We’re all out to have fun, the games aren’t overly competitive and there’s nothing like some good-natured trash talking to generate some added motivation.

This year was HGSE’s first annual Kickball Tournament.  And since I’m a member of Kickin ‘It, I felt very prepared and ready to go.  Several teams signed up and all were ready to have some fun and take home the title of champions.  My team was short-handed and we kicked the living daylights out of the ball.  We didn’t win the tournament but what a great experience.  Just kickin it…

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