ThanksGIVING Drive = success!

‘Tis the season to be thankful for our myriad blessings. Accordingly, my friends and I who serve on the Education Policy and Management Student Association organized a school-wide “ThanksGIVING Drive” to collect and donate food, clothing, and money to local charities. We structured the drive as a friendly competition between all the programs at HGSE. The program with the highest rate of participation won a pizza party study break – sponsored by the EPM program.

The event, which took place last week, was a huge success! We collected a ton of goods, and we’re delivering them to a couple of excellent local charities. One of our goals for the drive, aside from collecting goods, was to bring the HGSE community together. Everyone here is so busy, especially this time of year. It was great to see people taking a few moments to donate to a good cause, and encourage their classmates to do the same. I’m proud of all my colleagues here at HGSE, and the spirit they displayed this past week. Happy Thanksgiving!