The Game!

Today, I attended “The Game,” also known as the football match between Harvard and Yale. As you may know Harvard and Yale have a big rivalry that dates back centuries. Since my first days at Harvard, I had heard that this event was not one to miss.  A few weeks ago I got together with some of my new found friends and started planning a trip to New Haven, CT to be in attendance.  The wonderful way in which the trip came together is a testament to how HGSE is a great place to make new lifelong friends! Initially, there was only going to be three of us, but over time, the group grew to eleven lovely ladies. “The more, the merrier” is one of my favorite sayings, so when I started to plan the mini road trip, I asked my friends to invite their friends. Sure enough, several ladies signed up to join the crew, and in the weeks leading up to today, we bought tickets, reserved cars, and even planned a snack menu for our tailgating. We all pitched in, and it was a team effort in planning for our fun.

Going to “The Game” was one of my most memorable college experiences. Taking a road trip with a group of amazing people provided time for deep conversations about educational issues, current events, and other important things in life like guys and shoes. The game itself was also a delight. Harvard won, and it was great cheering on the Crimson with thousands of alumni and current students. I had a blast, and I am looking forward to more experiences like today in the coming months. I am truly thankful for my HGSE family and all of the fun that we have!