Reflections from an Open House

This past week has been an incredible whirlwind, but definitely for the better.  I have had to work on two papers, prepare for the admissions office’s Fall Open House, and anxiously await notification on applications to Teach for America and a Fulbright Scholarship in Hungary. With that said, I will hopefully have some good news to share next week and maybe even some post-HGSE plans, which is pretty crazy to think about because the fall semester is not even over yet.

The highlight of my week was the Fall Open House with the HGSE Admissions Office.  Masters students in Higher Education are encouraged to pursue internships and given my interest in admissions, I landed an internship in HGSE’s Admissions Office working with the alumni ambassador program and event planning.  Aside from arriving at Longfellow Hall at 6:30AM (I couldn’t believe that the Harvard crew team was out practicing on the Charles River at 6AM) it was a day to remember.

I was scrambling around all day making sure students got checked in, guests knew where to go, and that all of our set ups were complete, but what was most rewarding was the people that I got to meet throughout the day.  I met prospective students from diverse backgrounds interested in the Higher Education program at our breakout and had the opportunity to give a tour of Harvard’s campus and Harvard Square to guests and family members.  These personal interactions reminded me why I want to work in either undergraduate or graduate school admissions — to share my knowledge, discuss opportunities, and share my love of a place with them.

I think it is safe to say that I love HGSE after only a few short months and being able to share that with prospective students was rewarding, even if it did mean I had to get up at 5AM and program 150 clickers for our interactive information session.  The Open House was a great exercise for me to understand why I have chosen a career path in Higher Education as well as an opportunity to gain insight into what it really means to work in admissions and feel that I was more than an intern, but rather a colleague.