A Day in the Life…

Just in case you’re curious!  

8:00AM – Woke up late and quickly readied myself for class.

8:30AM – Locked my dorm door (remembering to take the keys this time) and took a shortcut to class.

8:35AM – Arrived in class.

8:40AM – Intro to Quantitative Research with Professor Tivnan.  If you want to know what having “accessible faculty” feels like, take a class with Tivnan.

10:00AM – Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Learning with Professor Higgins.  Since this is the first time I took a class based on case studies, I never fail to feel nervous during class.  I also never fail to leave class without something new to ponder. That’s sweet.

11:30AM – Lunch at the dorms with classmates.  Swiped in my friend Jackie (Arts in Education) because the food here is amazing.  I used to take my lunch to go, so that I could “be more efficient,” but I quickly realized, taking this break is definitely more productive in the long-run.

12:30PM – Brought Jackie up to my room to study.  I noticed her reading her Bible so I took the opportunity to do some reading, reflecting, and praying myself.

1:00PM – Began completing “to-do” items, including calling schools that I need to poll for a survey project for class and making a dentist appointment.

2:00PM – Tackled some reading on my bed.

3:00PM – Woke up from accidentally falling asleep and realized I have only read 6 pages.  Moved to the floor and tried to read some more.

4:00PM – Jackie left.  I moved to my desk, ate an early dinner, and planned to check email, skim the news, and scan Facebook.

4:25PM – Thanks to a Google Chrome extension (StayFocusd), I was kicked off Facebook and Twitter after 25 minutes.  Began checking my email and skimming the news.

4:45PM – Texted exercise buddy Julie (Prevention Science and Practice) and asked her if she wanted to do Aqua Aerobics at the Melkins Athletic Center (a requirement for completing a gym-wide challenge; successful participants get a free t-shirt!)

4:50PM – She replied saying she actually got out of class early so she can!

4:55PM – Got dressed for Aqua Aerobics and went to her dorm room.

5:10PM – Left for the MAC.  We got to the pool for the first time.  I ran into my professor.  Not awkward. Not at all.  (Or so I tell myself).*

5:30PM – Class started and I found myself behind my professor, jogging in place and sweeping my arms around to the orders of the very peppy aqua aerobics instructor.  Must save this story for my kids.

7:00PM – Class finished.  Showered and changed.  Decided to take a Balletone class too since I’m behind on the gym challenge (and I’d rather not read for class).

7:30PM – Started balletone class.  Midway through, instructor decided to do a Zumba routine.  I was not feeling it.

8:30PM – Walked home.  Freezing!  For some reason, Cambridge decided to get really cold.

8:40PM – Got home, ate a snack, started reading.

9:00PM – Got bored, walked over to Lauren’s (Mind, Brain, and Education) room and chatted with her since I haven’t seen her in a while.

9:20PM – Washed up.

9:30PM – Cracked down on my reading.  Really.  It was time to concentrate.

9:45PM – Moved to the kitchen to concentrate better.  Asked myself why I stink at reading.

10:30PM – Started nodding off in the kitchen.

11:00PM – Decided to finish reading in the warmth of my bed.

11:30PM – Decided to wake up early tomorrow to finish reading.

11:31PM – Took off my glasses and decided to sleep early 🙂

*It was honestly fine.  We chatted and just the other day, discussed the merits of aqua aerobics.  She’s also another example of an extremely accessible professor.